Dies ist das Forum für das Reich der Rosen im Herzen Mythodeas
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we the organizer of the "Realm of Roses" are happy to meet you at our board.
The "Realm of Roses" is the sealarea of the middle part of the continent called Mythodea. You can find the general information about LARP, Mythodea, the campaign and the other seals on the hompage of [url=http://www.live-adventure.de].

Please notice the following details concerning this board:

Forum users
As an unregistrated guest you can see the general information about the "Realm od Roses" and the organizers.
As a registrated user you will have access to further informations about the board and the realm (for example "Who is who?",…). Furthermore you will have access to the ingame area.

ATTENTION: After the registration you will receive an email with you registration data (= your user name and your password). It would be in your interest  to change your password directly after your first login since a changed password will not be sent to you.

At present the land is in the buildup-phase and we are in- and out of game very busy. That's why we can't guarantee moderating the ingame area completely. It doesn't mean you can't use this area. But there will be no huge atmospheric descriptions at the moment. However, our characters are mostly accessable, but please not without warning via PM.

As a last notice
We want to inform you that the board is not perfectly prepared until now, because we're starting everything from nothing. So if you notice something, don't hesitate and inform us.

your "Realm of Roses"-Team

Wir tun nix...wir wollen nur spielen geek 
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Read me (before Registration)
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