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 How to become a part of the Realm of Roses?

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BeitragThema: How to become a part of the Realm of Roses?   So Aug 25, 2013 7:24 pm

We are happy that you've informed yourself about the Realm of Roses and you're now interested in settling. Welcome!
But how to become an inhabitant of the Realm of Roses?
Well, everyone who wants to settle in any realm on Mythodea has to ask the Archon or the Nyame of the respective realm where he/she wants to settle down. That means (for the Realm of Roses) you must introduce yourself to Archon Karl Weber. Because this is only possible at a Larp-Convention the only inhabitants until now are these who talked to Karl and supported him at the Conquest 2013.
Nevertheless, everyone who is interested in the Realm of Roses is welcome to talk to us offtopic/offgame first and at the next con where the Archon is participating, you could ask him ingame about a possible settlement.
Please keep in mind the ingame and outgame concept of the Realm of Roses. No inhabitant has to assimilate perfect with our concept, that's not our wish. The introduced concept is just a guideline which gives your character a reason to settle in the Realm of Roses. Futhermore it will give you some hints to convince the Archon of Thornes of your character or group.
You could help us with our decision if you send us a first short description of you and your group (via michael(at)reich-der-rosen.de). This should include your attitude, mainpart of your (group-)concept (warrior, academic, etc…), where and how you want to settle (fks. city or countryside).

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How to become a part of the Realm of Roses?
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